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There are workshops and courses available for complete beginners and those wanting refresh their skills, and there are Beginners+ workshops for people who are already comfortable with the basics to learn specific techniques and play around with new skills.

The aim with each course is to get you comfortable with what you've learnt so you can get out there, experiment with your camera and have fun with your photos.

There are also event days around London to give you the chance to play with your camera as well as to learn to take photographs in different situations.  Event days can be both free and paid, so keep an eye out for what's on!

New events, workshops, and courses are being added all the time so come back and have a look.

Find courses and events that are available now.

You can also contact me to get a 1:1 course designed for you if there's something specific you want to learn or prefer a 1:1 setting.

For intermediate and advanced photographers contact me to see how I can help you along the path to your photography goals!

Learn something new or join event days! Check out the calendar for what's coming up.

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